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Equestria Girls MMD - ThrillerEquestria Girls MMD - Thriller
00:02:08August 5, 2018, 10:57 am
Equestria Girls MMD - Thriller

Channel: Dream Cloud & Total View: 2005

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It's been a while since I've posted an MLP/EQG MMD.

PS: Sry that AJ's legs are a bit sloppy in this.

Precure StorePrecure Store
00:01:33June 23, 2016, 7:26 am
Precure Store

Channel: Candy Toy Time & Total View: 209317

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Precure is a very popular anime. It's like a modern Sailor-moon. Come with and see what she buys.

Smile Precure ToysSmile Precure Toys
00:04:14June 18, 2018, 8:24 am
Smile Precure Toys

Channel: mina's_wonderland & Total View: 9289

Smile Precure, Precure, Glitter Force, Anime

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Ulrich and Brute play with the Baby Glitter Force.

Channel: Aerieth Strife & Total View: 21862

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Glitter Force - Episode Clip - The Queen of JubilandGlitter Force - Episode Clip - The Queen of Jubiland
00:01:20August 26, 2016, 11:15 am
Glitter Force - Episode Clip - The Queen of Jubiland

Channel: Glitter Force & Total View: 83464

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SEASON 2 now streaming on Netflix! The new Queen of Jubiland is revealed just as Emperor Nogo awakens. When the darkness threatens to overwhelm the Glitter Force, it’s up to Candy to keep the hope alive.
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Glitter Force KiraKira Opening 1 (Hebrew)Glitter Force KiraKira Opening 1 (Hebrew)
00:00:32December 16, 2017, 9:21 pm
Glitter Force KiraKira Opening 1 (Hebrew)

Channel: Gonzalo Orbegozo & Total View: 8150

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AMV "Glitter Force Team Up Medley OP NC 720P" MashupAMV "Glitter Force Team Up Medley OP NC 720P" Mashup
00:00:34November 16, 2017, 8:08 pm
AMV "Glitter Force Team Up Medley OP NC 720P" Mashup

Channel: Gonzalo Orbegozo & Total View: 7022


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Basado En El Video De: Melody Bloom

Description of the author:
I don't own Pretty Cure ( PreCure ) or Glitter Force! all rights go to proper owners!

It's all in sync! Hopefully we get a full version of the Glitter Force Doki Doki soon

My Description:
*Edit By ME*
Song: "Glitter Force Opening "
Performed By: "Blush"

¡Descubre en HD los episodios de Glitter Force DokiDoki disponibles por fin disponibles!

¡Encuentra Glitter Force DokiDoki disponible en Netflix!

Mira tu nueva serie DokiDoki Glitter Force disponible el 18 de agosto en Netflix.
Cuatro chicas se convierten en superhéroes para defender la Tierra y el reino mágico de Splendorius de los ataques de un rey cruel y sus secuaces.

Con: Stephanie Sheh, Melissa Fahn, Debi Derryberry
Géneros: Serie de TV, Serie japonesa animada, Para niños, Animación japonesa, Animación japonesa fantástica
Director: Go Koga

-Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research....

[FANDUB] Cure Twinkle Transformation ENGLISH DUB (200th Video!)

Channel: Nruss MLP & Total View: 7230

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I have made it to 200 VIDEOS!! ALL BECAUSE OF YOU! ARIGATO! 39, THANK YOU! MERCI! Ect.
So, I love pretty cure, (YES IT IS THE SAME AS GLITTER FORCE, GET IT RIGHT) i wanted to voice my favorite cure, Cure Twinkle! Let me know, if i should do more of these, i did a crappy first try so, Enjoy my magical girl obsession!

(Music and Video, property of Toei Animations, I only own my voice)

[REVIEW] Smile Precure! S.H.Figuarts Cure Happy[REVIEW] Smile Precure! S.H.Figuarts Cure Happy
00:06:12December 24, 2015, 5:18 pm
[REVIEW] Smile Precure! S.H.Figuarts Cure Happy

Channel: CategoryKing & Total View: 37334

precure, smile precure, cure happy, glitter force, s.h.figuarts, figuarts, s.h. figuarts, bandai, tamashii nations, pretty cure, review, unboxing, anime, Hoshizora Miyuki, Miyuki Hoshizora, Miyuki

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Here is the first video in the review of all 5 Smile Precure! girls. These had been mostly recorded for a while, so they had to be edited due to dated information. With the American version Glitter Force coming out, I wanted to take this opportunity to review these figures.

Doki Doki Pretty Cure (Glitter Force) Cure Ace Rouge & Palette (RECENSIONE)

Channel: Latte e Cartoni - Cosmo & Luke & Total View: 3459

latte e cartoni, cosmo e luke, curemoon, cure ace, glitter ace, doki doki pretty cure, doki doki glitter force, glitter force, netflix, love kiss rouge, Love Eyes Palette, rouge, rossetto, palette, oggetti, giocattoli, toys, gadgets, merchandising, bandai, recensioni, review, anime, cartone, cartone animato, cartoon, trasformazione, attacco, saban, adulti, bandia premium, natalie, aguri, madoka

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Recensione degli oggetti che usa la combattente Cure Ace (Glitter Ace) nella serie Doki Doki Pretty Cure (Glitter Force Doki Doki) =)


Doki Doki Precure Henshin ToysDoki Doki Precure Henshin Toys
00:04:34July 10, 2015, 11:32 pm
Doki Doki Precure Henshin Toys

Channel: MilkyTales & Total View: 332721

pretty cure, doki doki pretty cure, toys, lovely commune, love eyes pallette, doki doki precure

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Showing the Lovely Commune and Love Eyes Pallette for Doki Doki Precure. I like the touch screen feature, where it spells "LOVE."

"Henshin" means "to transform."

Thanks for looking!

Smile Precure VS Glitter Force EndingsSmile Precure VS Glitter Force Endings
00:02:42March 22, 2017, 8:19 am
Smile Precure VS Glitter Force Endings

Channel: Jessica Winx & Total View: 17271

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Here is a little comparison of the Endings Smile Precure the japanese original version and Glitter Force the english version

An American in Texas | Fred T. Gallo | Fotoalben