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Massive manhunt after gangster's brazen helicopter prison break

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Massive manhunt after gangster's brazen helicopter prison break:

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 A massive manhut is on for notorious French gangster Redoine Faid. As many as 2,900 police officers were on the hunt Monday for France's most infamous criminal after he broke out of prison for the second time on Sunday. As CBS News correspondent Charlie D'Agata reports, if the case looks like something out of a Hollywood movie, that's no coincidence. In cell phone video taken inside the prison compound during the brazen bust on Sunday, inmates can be heard cheering, and you can just about make out a helicopter flying off into the distance. French police say notorious gangster Redoine Faid made his escape onboard that helicopter. It started when heavily armed men took a terrified flight instructor hostage at a nearby flying club, hijacking his helicopter. They forced him to land at the one part of the Reau Prison compound that does not have anti-aircraft netting. In this photo dated Nov. 22, 2010, notorious French criminal Redoine Faid poses...

00:04:56March 20, 2016, 8:21 am

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FAPC, GANGSTER, Spleenfinal, Paris, Rap, Instrumental, Instru, HipHOP, Petite ceinture, Instagram, Cassel, Cash, Carence, MDMA, HLM, Arcane, Spiritisme, Houdini, Morphée, morphéus, liberté, verité

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Nouveau Clip de "Spleen Final" !

Filmer dans Paris 75 (Gare du Nord/Stalingrad/Crimée/(petite ceinture,Buttes Chaumont)

- Sur L'instrumental :

- Avec L'aide De TOM POUSSE a la Camera :





#FAPC #GANGSTER #SpleenFinal

Le BIG Craquage des Crabes ( MOBejaia vs MCSaida)Le BIG Craquage des Crabes ( MOBejaia vs MCSaida)
00:02:30October 27, 2018, 5:49 am
Le BIG Craquage des Crabes ( MOBejaia vs MCSaida)

Channel: MOBejaia & Total View: 393

MOB, MOBejaia, Kabylie, Granchio, Saldae, Kings, JSK, JSKabylie, JSMB, JSMBejaia, MCA, USMA, CRB, NAHD, PAC, MCO, JSS, USMBA, CSC, ESS, DRBT, CABBA, USMB, MSPB, CAB, JSMS

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Le BIG Craquage des Crabes lors du match MOB vs MCS
#MOB - Mouloudia Olympique #Bejaia: #MOBejaia
Ultras Pirate Boys
Ultras Saldae Kings
Ultras Free men
انصار الموب ملوك الكراكاج


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Bonjour tout le monde , voici la video d'un peugeot gt10 en wheeling
Bon visionnage

Just preparing for ISISJust preparing for ISIS
00:01:07May 10, 2015, 1:58 pm
Just preparing for ISIS

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Redneck soldier anti terrorist

Gangster x Ketsi (Official Music Video)Gangster x Ketsi (Official Music Video)
00:03:51September 12, 2014, 8:09 am
Gangster x Ketsi (Official Music Video)

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Gangster (Official Music Video), Music Video (TV Genre)

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Gangster is the first official music video I've dropped. Others are yet to follow but first things...I'd like to thank all viewers and subscribers for the support and moral...all thats left to say... ENJOY!!! #Ketsi #Gangster #S.A #HipHop lets make it trend

South Landon Teenager Gangsters , London Hardest Street Gangsters , Criminal Gang Documentary

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YTP: Chopperman und die Frazen des bösenYTP: Chopperman und die Frazen des bösen
00:09:05November 30, 2011, 12:37 pm
YTP: Chopperman und die Frazen des bösen

Channel: DarkLightningXD & Total View: 135

ytp, Chopperman, und, die, Frazen, des, bösen, YouTube, poop, Anonymous, Reisbällchen, Ball, Reis, Sanji, Zorro, One, Piece, Ruffy, Chopper, Man, Funny, lustig, witzig, dumm, behindert, Nami, Verarsche, Verarschung, Parodie, schwachsinnig, einfach, Humour, Youtube Poop, Animation, Sanjilobs, Monster, Namifia, Robin, Ace

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Chopperman muss die Welt retten, ob er gegen Lysodabada besteht, oder ob sein total verwirrtes wesen nur wieder eine chaotische Rettungsaktion fabriziert, steht noch offen.

dumme Anmerkung des Tages
-Die Frazen des bösen stehen zum Verkauf auf

00:02:00July 29, 2016, 7:45 am

Channel: Jorian Ponomareff & Total View: 575486

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C'est l'été, moi aussi je peux faire semblant d’être un gangster en wheeling (avec une moto a ma taille) xD
Petit hors série a la COOL pour vous faire patientez je reprend les tournage a partir de maintenant :D

Musique : Pull the Trigger - Russ (ouai je me suis fais plaiz !)

Contact : [email protected]

OBJECTIF - EF-S 10-22:

00:06:30February 10, 2018, 2:54 pm

Channel: R&P & Total View: 1273

ARRESTATION POLICE, WHEELING, FLIC, POLICE, AMMANDE, EURO, GILERA, KTM, 250, EXC, FREE, RIDE, RUN, Gendarmerie, Plaiz, Kiff, 100, Arrestation, policière, COURSE

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Mon snap : Noxiz0x0

Ma page Facebook :

Merci pour le visionnage ! Penser au pouce bleu ça fais toujours plaiz' !

🍾🥊 STEFAN HENTSCHEL (30.09.1948 - 18.12.2006) RIP 🥊🍾

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pimp, zuhälter, godfather, criminal, kriminell, ohrfeige, slap, prostitutes, german, deutsch, lude, kiez, hamburg, reeperbahn, boxer, ritze, streetfight, businessmen, huren, freier, gangster

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Stefan Hentschel was probably one of the most famous and feared red-light godfathers of all time. For almost three decades, the 182cm tall and 100kg heavy boxer on the Hamburg Reeperbahn (St. Pauli) was active as a pimp and businessman. In his best times, 27 prostitutes worked for him at the same time in his brothel "Salon Mademoiselle".
On 18 December 2006 hentschel hanged himself on a punching bag in the boxing cellar of the scene pub "Zur Ritze" on the Reeperbahn on St. Pauli in Hamburg. RIP
#funnycrimeshit #kiez #pimp #respect #mafia #redlight #streetfight #stefanhentschel #prostitution #hamburg #rip #eroscenter #reeperbahn #gangster #zurritze #huren #nutten #ohrfeige #besteleben #zuhälter #svodnik #german


One Piece - Speziale XD Das Strohhut Theater 4 Die Stunde der Schmach #Gangster Bosse XD

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Gangster, one piece, spezial, boss, fonruffyone, sanjino, zorrokia, lyssotoya, chopperlini, namimore, robita

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Donruffyone - Sanjino - Zorrokia - Lyssotoya - Chopperlini -Namimore - Robita

Prison break pilot forced to hover helicopter at gunpoint as gangster freed

Channel: Sfui carei & Total View: 13

Prisons, RTL Television, Charles de Gaulle, Hospitals, Crime

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Prison break pilot forced to hover helicopter at gunpoint as gangster freed:

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 The French prison break helicopter pilot has told how he was forced to hover 3cm above ground while gangster Redoine Faid was busted free from jail.  Stéphane Buy was made to take part in the prison break at gunpoint as masked men broke serial criminal Rédoine Faïd out of Reau prison, outside of Paris.  The helicopter pilot, who was taken hostage, carried out expert manoeuvres as the criminal gang used an angle grinder to burst into a visiting room where Faid was talking to his brother.  At one point he was knocked momentarily unconscious after the helicopter the gangsters had forced him to hijack failed to start.  After the dramatic escape he landed the chopper near a petrol station, and heard the hijackers talking about petrol and bleach.  Faid, 46, who is serving 25 years for his part in a failed robbery in 2010 in which a police officer died, is still on the run.   Mr Buy told RTL radio he had been approached by two men, one aged around his 50s and...

Supreme Team | American Gangster from QueensSupreme Team | American Gangster from Queens
00:18:31March 30, 2016, 8:16 am
Supreme Team | American Gangster from Queens

Channel: Al Profit & Total View: 1832284

50 cent ja rule beef, murder inc, supreme team, fat cat nichols, kenneth mcgriff, american gangster bet, queens reigns supreme, jam master jay murder, al profit, documentary, g-unit murder inc beef

Add Date: March 30, 2016, 8:16 am & Duration: 00:18:31

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Supreme's son speaks:

Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff is one of the most infamous black drug dealers in American history, thanks in part, to his feud with pop-culture mega star Curtis 50-Cent Jackson. But Supreme’s story starts long before hip-hop and the neatly packaged imagery of black “street life” invaded pop-culture and made guys like 50-Cent multi-millionaires many times over, in fact Supreme was part of the the backdrop in the early 1980’s that helped grow and commercialize the local New York culture of djays, breakdancers, graffiti, and, most of all, rappers, into the billion dollar industry it became.

Kenneth McGriff got his street name “Supreme” from his involvement with the 5 Percenter “movement”. The 5 percenters broke off from the Nation of Islam in the 1950’s and came to dominate the New York state prison system among black inmates. They still cast a long shadow over the streets of New York to this day, Jay-Z sports a 5 percenter medallion on occasion, and just recently white hipster rapper Action Bronson was publicly chastised by the Wu-Tang clan’s official 5 Percenter “consultant” Poppa-Wu for...

AL CAPONE Die größte Gangsterlegende Doku deutsch HDAL CAPONE Die größte Gangsterlegende Doku deutsch HD
00:54:39October 31, 2018, 10:34 pm
AL CAPONE Die größte Gangsterlegende Doku deutsch HD

Channel: Der Verbrecher Kanal & Total View: 101

doku, doku deutsch, dokumentation deutsch, doku 2018, dokumentation 2018, deutsch, 2018, neu, reportage, al capone, Alphonse Gabriel, scarface, Frankie Yale, gangster doku, gangsterboss, Johnny Torrio, mafia doku, verbrecher doku, chicago, chicago outfit, cosa nostra, mafia, unterwelt, alkoholhandel, drogenhandel, 20er jahre, die zwanziger, verbrecher, berüchtigte verbrecher, Schutzgelderpressung, Waschsalons, illegale einnahmen, geldwäsche, Antiquitätenhändler, new york, Brooklyn, neapel

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#AlCapone Deluxe Filzhut (Schwarz Weißer Nadelstreifen und weißes Band) für nur 1.60 Euro gleich hier bestellen:

#AlCapone #Mafia Gangster Hut + Krawatte + Hosenträger + Zigarre - 20er Jahre gleich hier bestellen:

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#AlCapone. Sein Leben, seine (Un)taten & seine Zeit:

#AlCapone Gangster Boss Chicago Amerika USA Blechschild 20 x 30 Retro:

IM NETZ DER MAFIA 🔫 Folge 2/13 Der Reformer Lucky Luciano DOKU deutsch

Channel: Der Verbrecher Kanal & Total View: 593

doku, doku deutsch, dokumentation deutsch, im netz der mafia, folge 2, teil 2, charles lucky luciano, reportage, 2018, deutsch, mafia doku, verbrecher doku, gangster doku, luky luci, gangsterboss, knast doku, die grössten gangsterbosse, die grössten gangster, grösste mafiosi, drogen doku, schutzgelderpressung, al capone, n drangheta, camorra, cosa nostra, mafia zellen, kartelle, mafiamitglied, gang, banden

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#BitteAbonnieren #Mafia #Gangster #Verbrecher

Geiles Mafia T-Shirt "Lucky Luciano"

Lucky Lucianos Erben - Die Chronik der wirklichen Weltmacht:

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93..Pourquoi suis je toujours un motard....93..Pourquoi suis je toujours un motard....
00:04:04November 28, 2014, 2:08 pm
93..Pourquoi suis je toujours un motard....

Channel: qwerty- julien & Total View: 136554

moto, motard, bike, biker, ducati, honda, suzuki, triumph, qwerty, julien, Kawasaki, Motorcycle, Supermoto, Davidson, Yamaha, Motorbike, Burnout, Wheelie, Stunt

Add Date: November 28, 2014, 2:08 pm & Duration: 00:04:04

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Ben voila un an de vidéos...
ça m'a donné envie de faire cette ptite vidéo !

MERCI a tous et toutes z'êtes géniaux je kiffe mes abonnés z'êtes une communauté au top !
Merci de votre fidélité
: D

Gangster's girlfriend, 25, who helped launder profits from £2.5m

Channel: Marylouise Mcmillian & Total View: 76

Gangsters, girlfriend, helped, launder, profits

Add Date: July 24, 2018, 3:29 am & Duration: 00:07:01

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Gangster's girlfriend, 25, who helped launder profits from £2.5m:

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A gangster's girlfriend has been jailed for 15 months for laundering profits from her lover's £2.5million criminal fortune.Tessa Penalver, of Hornchurch, Es has been convicted of perverting the course of justice and transferring criminal property.The 25-year-old's boyfriend, Manjit Sandhu targeted keyless Range Rovers, Mercedes as well as BMW's and sold them on the black market.Penalver was charged with intentionally encouraging or assisting the commission of one or more offences as well as fraud by false representation. The high-tech 'Gone in 60 Seconds gang' stole more than 120 cars, each worth up to £60,000 using programming technology designed for locksmiths. Sandu's gang of hi-tech thieves used key programming technology to steal Range Rovers, Mercedes and BMWs and made their getaway cars look like minicabs - complete with TfL private hire stickers.He was convicted by a jury in April last year and sentenced to...

Hams Da Kid | 16 Mesures #4 | FACE BHams Da Kid | 16 Mesures #4 | FACE B
00:04:04August 25, 2015, 6:00 am
Hams Da Kid | 16 Mesures #4 | FACE B

Channel: FACE B & Total View: 790

FaceB.TV, facebhiphop, Hams Da Kid, GLMD, 16 Mesures, Freestyle, Interview, Affirmative Action, Nas, NTM, Entertainment, Face B, Face B TV, Hip Hop, Rap, WOSSUP

Add Date: August 25, 2015, 6:00 am & Duration: 00:04:04

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Hams Da Kid | 16 Mesures #4

Rejoins-nous sur WOSSUP !

egal g - pourquoi vous êtes partisegal g - pourquoi vous êtes partis
00:04:21December 23, 2017, 3:06 pm
egal g - pourquoi vous êtes partis

Channel: Mickaël Jenback & Total View: 262


Add Date: December 23, 2017, 3:06 pm & Duration: 00:04:21

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Les motards ces dangers publicsLes motards ces dangers publics
00:03:09March 4, 2017, 11:51 am
Les motards ces dangers publics

Channel: qwerty- julien & Total View: 423710

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Add Date: March 4, 2017, 11:51 am & Duration: 00:03:09

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Video originale Mutuelle des Motards :

Bon bon bon, vous pensez que ici je m'attaque à cette mauvaise foi que peuvent avoir beaucoup d'automobilistes et des a prioris sur les motards.
NON, y a pas que nous qui roulons comme des cons, car oui, certains d'entre nous roulent comme des cons.
Mais j'entends trop souvent des réflexions qui finissent par être énervantes surtout que comme dit dans la vidéo il est plus simple de décharger les responsabilités sur les autres.
Ici y a que des images de 2017.
j'ai encore un stock énooooorme de 2015 et 2016.
Donc NON, nous ne sommes pas des dangers publics et OUI, les automobilistes peuvent l'être aussi.

La blague du jour ?
Dans un brouillard à couper au couteau, avec une visibilité nulle, un automobiliste heurte un motard. Il descend et dit au motard :
- Je suis désolé, mais vous êtes dans votre tort. Je venais de droite !
- çà m'étonnerait que çà joue auprès des assurances, répond le motard. Vous êtes dans mon garage...


WHEELING/RUN/BORDEL (80 2win, 86 top alu,125, mob)WHEELING/RUN/BORDEL (80 2win, 86 top alu,125, mob)
00:03:30February 25, 2017, 8:50 pm
WHEELING/RUN/BORDEL (80 2win, 86 top alu,125, mob)

Channel: OLDSCHOOL Rider & Total View: 5285


Add Date: February 25, 2017, 8:50 pm & Duration: 00:03:30

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laisse un commentaire
et un pouce bleu sa me fera énormément plaisir
suis moi sur mon compte :
SNAP: schoolride
ma page FACEBOOK:Oldschool Rider
page FB du poto: gratte le bitume pas tes burnes

merci a tous!!!!!!!

Des conneries, un escalier en BMW , un accident... sapin man is back !

Channel: qwerty- julien & Total View: 40072

moto, motard, crash, accident, near crash, suzuki, bmw, 800, 1000, 1250, 1200, bandit, qwerty, boloss, fun, con, stupid, funny

Add Date: December 18, 2016, 10:52 am & Duration: 00:06:33

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Eeeeeh beh on se retrouve pour plein de conneries !
Tout d'abord mais qui l'eut cru, une bmw f800gt peut tout à fait monter ou descendre des marches.
même moi je m'y attendais pas.
Puis bon on ramasse des trucs qui trainent, on chante avec sa chérie, on fout un feu d'artifice sur la moto pour célébrer rien du tout...
Bref que du bonheur en moto !
équipez vous toujours car si cet engin reste un plaisir il comporte ses dangers...

Bon allez la blague de merde du jour,
on va se mettre dans le thème des fêtes...

C'est deux blondes qui décident d'économiser un peu et se rendent dans les bois pour trouver un sapin de Noël.

Au bout de deux heures de recherches intensives, la première harassée s'exclame:

- Bon j'en ai marre, le prochain qu'on voit, même si y a pas de boules, on le prend !

Toujours la faute des motards d'abord.Toujours la faute des motards d'abord.
00:04:25April 2, 2016, 1:50 am
Toujours la faute des motards d'abord.

Channel: qwerty- julien & Total View: 46935

boloss, moto, motard, accident, crash, qwerty, julien, qwertyjulien, circulation, ville, bruxelles

Add Date: April 2, 2016, 1:50 am & Duration: 00:04:25

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Partenaire moto :

Bah oui quand je lis tous les commentaires sur les videos y a vraiment des fois j'en ai un peu marre des gens qui disent que voila c'est toujours le motard, ce petit con qui se croit au dessus des lois, roule toujours à 10.000 kmh en ville près des écoles.
sérieusement quoi. En français ça s'appelle du déni.
En argot on appelle ça des fausses excuses de merde lol ;D

Allez enjaillez vous :D

Gangsters' Paradise Les CommandosGangsters' Paradise Les Commandos
00:43:55January 13, 2018, 3:19 pm
Gangsters' Paradise Les Commandos

Channel: investigation 75 & Total View: 205250

No Video Tags

Add Date: January 13, 2018, 3:19 pm & Duration: 00:43:55

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Busted par la police #gangster #rebelle #putaclicBusted par la police #gangster #rebelle #putaclic
00:04:02February 5, 2017, 10:29 am
Busted par la police #gangster #rebelle #putaclic

Channel: qwerty- julien & Total View: 43172

moto, motard, bike, biker, honda, suzuki, gsx, 600, 650, 700, 750, 900, 1000, 1250, gsxr, hornet, qwerty, vlog, busted, police, flics, arreté, infraction, delit, fuite

Add Date: February 5, 2017, 10:29 am & Duration: 00:04:02

Likes: 1617 | Dislike: 50

Eeeeeeeh ouais.
Chuis un badboy moi, j'peur de rien, même pas de faire des infractions devant la police même si c'est pas vraiment une infraction mais que sur une fraction de seconde c'est la fraction de la vie.
Ouais je fais du rap moi, qu'est c'qui a wesh bien maggle.
ou sinon jme fais arrêter aussi. wesh.

Bon allez la blague du jour, de circonstance...

""Un policier fait stopper un automobiliste :

- Vous n'aviez pas vu le feu rouge ?
- Si si. C'est vous que je n'avais pas vu !""

allez on rigole :D

Prankster 2.0 KipKay-studio™ -100% Free | Крипозоиды / Creepozoids (1987) BDRip 720p | L1 | S01E03 - "Scattered"