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Ayurvedic tip to reduce fat around stomach easy way

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Take fist full of Pipallu [ telugu ] , popularly known as long pepper, Bake / fry it on very small flame for fewer minutes . Later the grind and sift the mixture. Again sift the mixture with woolen cloth and then store it in a glass bottle. Take 3 pinches of powder and add it to 1 Tbs of honey , stir the mixture well, this form thick liquid Now you can have it before going to bed or pre dinner , not all 1 tb spoon mixture at once but in 4 segments. continue to follow the same in lunch and dinner timings. slowly increase the count of pinches from 3 to 7 week after week. Thank you , this is what the entire vid is about Courtesy : Zee Telugu

Treatment for Cancer by Narayana Murthy of Karnataka

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Video of patients from different parts of country and from Abroad also. Please watch this video and you will get full details of Ayurveda treatment for Cancer

Shimoga Cancer treatment at vaidya narayana murthy home in narsapuram

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There is a line queue for medicine . Everyone is saying that it cures cancer and sugar.
From Hyderabad it will take 20 hrs journey.from hyd we have buses from Shimoga .from there annadhpura and Narsapur..

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