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Welcome to Top10Archive! We’re back on our thrilling trek around the globe, this time stopping off in Malaysia! So snuggle up with a leng lui or leng zai, kick back with your tapau, and enjoy these ten fascinating facts about this beautiful Southeast Asian country.

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10. Malaysian Cuisine
9. Malaysian Tourist Attractions
8. Famous Malaysians
7. Malaysian Corporal Punishment
6. Baby Traditions
5. Inventions
4. Biodiversity and Wildlife
3. Records Held by Malaysians
2. Japanese Invasion
1. Flight 370

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Top 10 SHOCKING Facts about Malaysia | Malaysia History | TheCoolFactShow EP89

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Amazing Facts about Malaysia. Malaysia History is Amazing!
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The name of Malaysia originated from the word “Melayu” or “Malay” from the Melayu River located in Sumatra. Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy, It consists of thirteen states and three federal territories. Malaysia Travel is Amazing. Everyone should visit Malaysia at least once.

10 Must Not Do in Malaysia10 Must Not Do in Malaysia
00:09:44June 13, 2017, 7:44 am
10 Must Not Do in Malaysia

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Open below to see details from my video :)
DO Pause the video to read the details if the Slide information is too fast.

Coming to Malaysia for Holiday or Vacation?
Here are some tips about What not to Do in Malaysia,
10 things not to do in Malaysia on your holiday vacation to ruin your holiday here.

Malaysia is a high muslim populated country therefore there are certain rules and law to abide to when you are in Malaysia. These things not to do in Malaysia is just a precaution and warning for those whom have no expectations about Malaysia and being their First time to Malaysia.
Malaysia is a multicultural country and you will need to respect all kinds of different culture here of different religion basis. However, all these must not do is not obligated for you to follow as is all depends on the type of people you meet throughout Malaysia due to the different culture and different religion.
To All tourist, Welcome to Malaysia and to all Malaysians,
if I ever wrote anything you disagree with and I believe there will be some disagreements, do let me know. If you have anything to add in, do comment down here so tourist would know when they visit Malaysia. Or just comment to say Where are you from ! I would be curious to know ! Have...

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