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Pelvic Floor Exercises IntroductionsPelvic Floor Exercises Introductions
00:04:43May 8, 2009, 1:17 am
Pelvic Floor Exercises Introductions

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Pelvic Floor Exercises and The Bits Below the Belt DVD
Surgery to treat men with prostate cancer is often followed by months of difficulty controlling urine flow, a condition known as urinary incontinence. But new research suggests that this problem may go away more quickly if the men perform certain exercises to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.
Researchers from the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, found that men who were taught how to perform pelvic floor exercises before and after surgery were more likely to have regained continence three months later.

Men Doing Pelvic Exercises Recover Earlier

In the current study, the researchers randomly assigned 38 men scheduled for radical prostatectomy to either a treatment group or a control group. The men in the treatment group were referred to a physical therapist. They were instructed how to do Pelvic Floor Exercises both before and after surgery, using biofeedback to ensure they were using the proper muscles. The control group did not receive any formal instruction. All of the men completed questionnaires regarding bladder function at regular intervals over the next year.
Overall, 82% of the patients had regained continence (defined as not needing to use...

My DVD Title1- Chinese Movie speak khmerMy DVD Title1- Chinese Movie speak khmer
01:17:30May 22, 2016, 11:35 am
My DVD Title1- Chinese Movie speak khmer

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lola colt

A Summer Story (1988) full movieA Summer Story (1988) full movie
01:36:36December 15, 2012, 8:53 am
A Summer Story (1988) full movie

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romance, romantic drama, full movie, Romance Film (TV Genre)

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This is a gripping love story set to Devon, England in the beginning of the 20th century. (VHS quality, english language, no subs, 95 min.)

The young Frank Ashton must stay a few days on a farm because of an injured ankle. There, he meets the beautiful peasant girl Megan and starts a tumultuous fling. They fall in love with each other. Sadly, this becomes her destiny.

James Wilby - Mr. Ashton
Imogen Stubbs - Megan David
Susannah York - Mrs. Narracombe
Kenneth Colley - Jim
Jerome Flynn - Joe Narracombe

Director: Piers Haggard
Writers: John Galsworthy (story), Penelope Mortimer

Original Music Composed by Georges Delerue

A1 Love In The Loft
A2 Summer Poem
A3 We Meet Megan
A4 Sheep Shearing
A5 Ashton Arrives
A6 Waiting For Megan
A7 Falling In Love
A8 Coming To Town
A9 Abandoned
B1 Flashback And Rescue
B2 The Gentle Maiden (Instrumental)
B3 Return To The Hill
B4 At The Beach
B5 Megan Leaves Forever
B6 Missed The Train
B7 Megan At Work
B8 Night Meeting
B9 Megan In The Field
B10 Thinking Of...

Pria Simpanan - Gigolo (1997)Pria Simpanan - Gigolo (1997)
00:03:50November 3, 2015, 12:05 pm
Pria Simpanan - Gigolo (1997)

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Gigolo, Pria Simpanan (Gigolo) (1997), Megi Megawati, Andre Bjenk, Rengga Takengon, Indah Febrizha, Film (Media Genre), Footage (Media Genre)

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Cuplikan Film Indonesia Jadul produksi tahun 1997. Dibintangi oleh Megi Megawati, Andre Bjenk, Rengga Takengon, Indah Febrizha

Sex and the City 2 (Trailer Italiano) in DVD e Blu-Ray su

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Thrauma, Sex, and, the, City, Trailer, Italiano

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Nuove avventure tra affermazione professionale e faccende sentimentali per Carrie, Samantha, Miranda e Charlotte.

EYE CANDY - XXL MAGAZINE - Models Search in Boston 2010- #CurvePolice - HD

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Need Cameraman for your Event Email us at [email protected]

Goodfellaz Ent In Association w/ JUICY MAGAZINE
Filmed & Edited By : M Jean Baptiste

XNX "Movie for Spas"XNX "Movie for Spas"
01:20:02April 25, 2015, 9:12 am
XNX "Movie for Spas"

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XNX, Ambient, Experimental, Spa, Electronic, Soniclab, Drone Music (Musical Genre), Experimental Music (Musical Genre), Ambient Music (Musical Genre), Electronica (Musical Genre), Noise, Noise Music (Musical Genre), Ambient Music (Broadcast Genre), Electronic Art (Visual Art Genre), Chill

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Burgeoning experimental label Soniclab have come up with something very special for their second release: an album from XNX (who was responsible for the first release on the label) pressed onto a black CD, which comes with a pen drive enclosed inside a bar of hand-made, lavender soap. The pen drive contains not only the album, but an 80 minute feature film and a web app. The idea behind the project was to provide a multi-sensory experience targeting hearing, sight, smell and touch, transferring the serene, rejuvenating experience of the spa into the context of musical experimentation.

The music itself is strong enough to carry the concept, built from meditative drones, sparse chimes and eerie keys that sound like a trip through someone else's dream. It's reflective and pensive music, with each track taking its name from an ingredient commonly found in natural beauty products. 'Rosemary' is particularly deep and delicate, while 'Peppermint' is an extended, many-hued jam. Much of the sounds used seem to riff on New Age music tropes, but there's also a decidedly dark undertone throughout which sits in contrast to the spa theme. The sharp and rasping buzzes on 'Charcoal' and the groaning drones of 'Coconut' add...

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